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  • I want to know more about the company, its history, values, the BAT group and its mission: The company
  • I want to know the social projects and socially responsible activities in which BAT Brasil and its partners take part: Sustainability
  • I want to work at the company, to know of professional opportunities and trainee options: Careers
  • I want to get in contact with the Press Office, to access BAT Brasil content on the media and press releases: Press
  • I want to know more about the productive chain, tobacco’s history, to access information about the product and related researches: Tobacco

If you still have and doubts or would like to contact us, access our Interaction Center – BAT Brasil Contact Center located in Porto Alegre that can be reached through the phone number 0800 7232221 (which can be found in every BAT Brasil product pack) or via e-mail at

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BAT Brasil Former Employee Helpdesk

If you are a former employee of BAT Brasil and is in need of support from SAEX (BAT Brasil Former Employee Helpdesk) contact us by phone on (51) 3511 8206. Office hours: from Monday to Friday, between 10am and 5pm, except on holidays.

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Speak Up is BAT's reporting channel and should be used whenever you identify a violation of our Code of Ethical Conduct or applicable law. To report, contact 0800 601 8650 or .