Our vision and strategy

BAT Brasil believes in generating shared value for its entire production chain

In an increasingly challenging environment, BAT Brasil believes that to ensure sustainable long-term growth of its business, it is necessary that the entire production chain develops collectively. Thus, the company is committed to generate shared value for its stakeholders, more and more.

The current tobacco segment scenario presents major challenges such as illegal market growth, which come as a result of increasing cigarette smuggling coming mainly from Paraguay, the systematic increase of the tax burden and the strict regulatory restrictions.

In the face of such great adversity, BAT Brasil believes that the company needs to be part of the solution. It is based on this motto that the company aims to be a sustainable and active company that brings value to its integrated producers, employees, retailers, consumers and authorities. A future with more favorable conditions would benefit not only the company but the entire production chain and even society in general.

BAT Group

The new strategy of the BAT Group, presented in March 2020, involves the purpose of building a better tomorrow, reducing the impact of our business, offering a broader range of products and lower associated risks.

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