BAT Brasil produces and sells the best cigarettes in the domestic market

BAT Brasil always aims to produce the best tobacco in the Brazilian market. To this end, the company develops products that meet the demands of all its consumer profiles, formed by adults who, aware of the risks associated with tobacco consumption, decided to smoke.

The company’s brands are distinguished by the blend: mix of types and classes of tobacco in varying proportions which give to each product unique flavors and aromas. Considered one of the best of the world, BAT Brasil’s tobacco is provided exclusively by its 27 thousand integrated rural producers.

The taste of the cigarette can also be influenced by other factors. One of them is the ventilation level allowed by the filter, which can provide completely different experiences to a same blend.

To ensure the quality of its products, BAT Brasil has a tight control throughout the processes, from the development of better seeds to the deployment of technologies that do not require human handling during the manufacture of cigarettes.