Tobacco production

Partnership with integrated producers is national reference in the agribusiness and familiar agriculture

BAT Brasil has a close relationship with farmers responsible for tobacco planting present in their products for almost a century. The proximity is given not only to ensure high quality of the raw material, but also to promote the development and prosperity of the entire production chain from the field.

Created by BAT Brasil in 1918, the Integrated Tobacco Production (ITPS) is a technical-commercial partnership that provides and delivers to farmers seeds and inputs needed for planting. In addition, the company ensures the purchase of the entire crop, regardless of its outcome, and provides technical assistance through highly qualified agricultural advisors.

The ITPS is a national reference in agribusiness and mainly in family agriculture, the basis of tobacco production in Brazil. Currently, BAT Brasil has about 27,000  producers, who generally have small properties and tobacco as its main economic activity.

In the current funding model, the producers use the outcome of the production of the year to bear the costs of the next harvest. The format ensures low debt levels and high degree of sustainability for the system.

Over the years, the ITPS has been enhanced by BAT Brasil on several fronts: from the introduction of technical innovations to promoting the best use of natural resources. The company has as aims the development of the integrated producers, technological research to the field and encourage the woman's role as business manager.