Technology, innovation and sustainability to ensure BAT Brasil the best products

From the moment the company receives tobacco from the integrated producers, BAT Brasil starts the cigarette manufacturing process. Throughout all stages - purchase of tobacco, classification, storage, processing and manufacturing itself - the company uses the latest technology and  the best control to deliver to the consumer the highest quality products of the market.

Product development also involves major efforts in terms of research and innovation. BAT Brasil has one of the most advanced tobacco research centers in the world, the Product Centre Americas (PC Americas), which in January 2016 became the center of the activities of BAT before held in Southampton, United Kingdom.

Investment in modern and advanced processes also ensures increasing productivity and sustainability in manufacturing activities of BAT Brasil. The company is committed to reduce its impact on the environment through, for example, mechanisms of energetic efficiency and water reuse.

Souza Cruz follows the guidelines of the plan of  BAT group to reduce the use of natural resources in their production processes. They are:

  • Evaluation of  necessary resources for the production and of the best form of discarding of residues;
  • Reduction of the use of natural resources and carbon emissions in the average and long term;
  • Replacement of methodologies and technologies for more sustainable ones.