BAT Brasil is committed to deliver the best products with the greatest possible transparency

BAT Brasil has many commitments to their customers- adults who, aware of the risks associated with tobacco, decided to smoke. The first of them is to offer the best cigarettes of the market, both the raw material used as  the quality of the production process carried out with advanced sustainability practices.

The company is also committed to being transparent about the products it sells. In addition to providing the information determined by the regulatory environment, BAT Brasil makes other efforts to raise awareness, directly and indirectly, to their customers.

In this regard, the company works for the development of the so-called next-generation products, to be a less risk alternative to conventional cigarettes. BAT pioneered this aspect to become the world's first multinational tobacco to produce and sell electronic cigarettes in the UK.

Although regulatory restrictions prevent the commercialization of this product in Brazil, BAT Brasil follows the advances of BAT in the subject and also develops its own studies.