Strategic Partnerships

BAT Brasil is associated to many organizations focused on combating the illegal market

BAT Brasil was one of the founders of ETCO (Brazilian Institute for Ethical Competition), a civil society organization of public interest created on April 8, 2003 to combat the illegal market in various segments of the Brazilian industry.

The ETCO has companies and non-governmental business entities seeking a permanent agenda of actions contrary to competitive imbalances caused by tax evasion, informality, falsification and other misconduct.

In a broader aspect, the institute also aims to bring information society to raise awareness of the damage caused by illegal market.

The ETCO has four sectoral chambers that bring together companies from the tobacco segments, fuel, beer and soft drinks.

Access the site of ETCO  Institute to know agencies and institutions responsible for implementing actions to combat illegal trade. It is also available studies and researches on the subject.

Other initiatives

BAT Brasil is part of the National Anti-Piracy Forum (FNCP), civil society organization, launched in 2006 to fight illegality.

The organization has 30 members- sector entities, organisations, unions- from different sectors- toys, cellphones, cigarettes, electronics, glasses and more.

Brazilian Association to fight counterfeit (ABCF) is an entity created in 1992 to develop actions against counterfeit, piracy, fraud, smuggling and copyrights violation.

BAT Brasil has also a partnership with Social and Economical Development of the Borders Institute (Idesf). Since 2013, the institute has promoted actions that aim to achieve equality and integration in Brazilian borders.

If you want to know more about these entities, access:

  • FNCP
  • ABCF