Our talent

BAT Brasil invests in career development for improvement of their own leaders

BAT Brasil recognizes employees as its greatest value. The Company offers to its more than 6,600 talents a consistent career development project, with short and long term opportunities.

Due to the challenging environment that tobacco market offers, the company invests in career development of its own leaders. The strengthening of the organizational culture of resilience and high performance leads to the development of employees aligned to the demands of BAT Brasil.

Those efforts lead employees to maintain a long relationship with the company. Today, the majority of Board members reached their current positions after building a rich history in BAT Brasil, with different experiences - even outside the country, in other companies of BAT group.

The expertise in people management developed over its history makes the company a reference in both the domestic market and the rest of BAT.

High level of satisfaction

In 2014, BAT Human Resources area held in all its markets an internal climate survey. The study pointed out, in BAT Brasil, a satisfaction rate with 75% of positive responses and was decisive for investments in the Company's new organizational design and consolidation of internal culture, glimpsing the future of the organization over 2015. This year, a specialized site in careers, Love Mondays, ranked the 50 best companies to work at, based on actual reviews, and Souza Cruz won the 42nd place.

We are bold

We are bold

  • Dream big – with innovative ideas.
  • Make tough decisions quickly and proudly stand accountable for them.
  • Resilient and fearless to compete.
We are fast

We are fast

  • Speed matters. Set clear direction and move fast.
  • Keep it simple. Focus on outcomes.
  • Learn quickly and share learnings.
We are empowered

We are empowered

  • Set the context for our teams and trust their expertise.
  • Challenge each other. Once in agreement, we commit collectively.
  • Collaborate and hold each other accountable to deliver.
We are diverse

We are diverse

  • Value different perspectives.
  • Build on each others’ ideas, knowledge and experiences.
  • Challenge ourselves to be open-minded recognising unconscious bias.
We are responsible

We are responsible

  • Take action to reduce the health impact of our business.
  • Ensure the best quality products for our consumers, the best place to work for our people, and the best results for shareholders.
  • Act with integrity, never compromising our standards and ethics.