Ethical organizational culture is fundamental for the sustainable growth of BAT Brasil

BAT Brasil adopts the best corporate governance practices to conduct its business honestly, transparently and with due accountability. The guidelines ensure the company an ethical organizational culture that allows it to grow sustainably in the long run.

The principles that guide the actuation of BAT Brasil are gathered in its Code of Ethics and go far beyond the legal obligations. The document is enhanced and updated every year, and subsequently submitted to all directors and employees for compliance purposes.

Important advances

In 2015, BAT Brasil has taken important steps to add even more transparency in its management. The company voluntarily joined the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS), International Accounting Standards and the Code of Self-Regulation and Good Practices of Public Companies (Abrasca), which point the best corporate governance practices in Brazil and abroad.

To keep up with regulatory drives, policies and laws of the country, BAT Brasil also revised its compliance plan throughout 2015. The initiative has objectives that underlie the legal aspects and also direct to an ethical point of view, mainly the activities of all its employees. The initiative demonstrates the commitment and diligence of the Organization, of its senior management and also employees in combating corruption and conducts in violation of its Code of Ethics.

Code of Ethics


Data Protection Officer
In compliance with the terms of Art. 41, § 1º of Law nº 13.709/2018, the BAT Brazil informs that its data protection officer is the Head of Legal (Julia Ivantes), which can be contacted through the e-mail: