Better seeds

Improvement is essential to generate better quality and more productive crops

One of the main commitments of BAT Brasil with its integrated producers is to provide inputs with an increasingly higher quality, seeking better quality and more productive crops. In this sense, the improvement of seeds is essential to achieve the desired goals.

The company develops a series of surveys and studies for the improvement of seeds used by farmers so that they require fewer inputs and agrochemicals during the harvest.

But the Centro de Melhoramento de Tabaco (Tobacco Improvement Center- TIC)in Rio Negro (PR) conducts researches, many of them in partnership with national and international universities. Moreover, it is responsible for the production of seeds that meet all the approximately 27 000 producers associated with BAT Brasil.

In TIC, professionals of Biology, Agronomy and Seed Production work in top structure laboratories for maintenance and development of germplasm, generation of variability and evaluation of new strains.

The researches follow a conventional improvement program, where new cultivars are developed by breeding and selection of lines, as well as evaluations in different environments in which tobacco is grown in Brazil.