Agricultural research

Studies on several fronts to ensure even better products to BAT Brasil

Consistent investments of BAT Brasil in agricultural research positively impact the entire tobacco production chain, as well as the consumer. In this respect, the company is the largest reference of BAT, producing innovations that attend other group companies.

Souza Cruz has advanced research centers - the Product Centre Americas (PC Americas) in Cachoeirinha (RS) and the Centro de Melhoramento de Tabaco (Tobacco Improvement Center- TIC)in Rio Negro (PR) - where are developed techniques, innovations and technologies, many of them patented.

The studies advance in different directions, such as genetic improvement, soil management, pests and diseases, tobacco curing, irrigation techniques, forms of mechanization of production and reduction of the use of agrochemicals.

The integrated producer gets better seeds that develop higher quality and productivity plants. Research also guarantee less risks during the harvest and reduction of the impact of rural activity on the natural resources of his property.

BAT Brasil benefits from receiving a higher quality  tobacco  with the best agricultural practices. Therefore, he sees his business to advance in a sustainable way to become even more competitive - even internationally.

Finally, the consumer receives a product with more sustainability and better quality.