Tobacco Purchase

Classification of tobacco is the most important step in the buying process

BAT Brasil ensures to integrated producers the purchase of all tobacco produced. The acquisition process, however, involves a series of steps, involving mainly the determination of the amount of tobacco delivered to the company.

From the moment it arrives at the processing plants, tobacco goes through a classification system that shall determine its purchase value and indicate  the composition of which the product is appropriate.

The first step of the process is the measurement of tobacco humidity - the optimal rate is 17%. Then, the burden is weighted and passes to classification, which is made in sensory manner. The agricultural technician responsible for the analysis assesses what was the position of the leaf - the value grows with the amount of nicotine - its color and maturity.

The classification is then reported to the producer who follows the entire process. The amount to be paid by the bale is defined by a table previously disclosed. Producers are guaranteed to have their production purchased by Souza Cruz, but are not obligated to do so.

Cutting edge technology

After classification and confirmation of tobacco purchase, the bales are identified and sent to storage. At this stage, a robot developed by BAT Brasil in partnership with technology providers uses a reader to automatically recognize and organize each tobacco class.

After separation, lots of bales are transported to a refrigerated warehouse. The site has the optimum conditions for preservation of tobacco characteristics: the temperature varies between 14 ° C and 15 ° C and the humidity is controlled to remain at 65%.