Processing of tobacco

Our plant is responsible for getting tobacco ready for cigarette production and export

Despite having gone through a curing step still on the rural property, the tobacco needs to be processed in the plants of BAT Brasil to achieve the necessary characteristics for the production of cigarettes or for exportation.

In the first processing step, operated clutches select the bales for the assembly of a second classification, which can gather up to ten different types of tobacco. These new blends shall help to determine the characteristics of each brand.

Soon after, the smoke passes through the stages of cutting and conditioning. Then, a manual process removes any material other than tobacco. This step also includes automation: a laser makes the assessment of color of tobacco and an air blast removes foreign matter.

The next step is threshing leaves, which separates the blades, the more valuable, of the stalks, also utilized in the production. Drying gives uniformity to the tobacco moisture level, which shall ensure a smooth production.

Completed the mechanical processing steps, tobacco passes through a metal detector before being pressed, packaged and distributed to their destination. From the purchase of tobacco to the box, there is an average of 50 days.