Cigarette manufacturing

High level technology guarantees better quality to BAT Brasil products

BAT Brasil factory in Uberlândia (MG) has high level technology in order to guarantee better quality products. Most of the production process is automatic: from the moment tobacco comes to production, no handling is allowed. 

At the beginning of the process, tobacco is dampened with vapour so it can be cut next- otherwise, it would turn into dust. The number of cuts helps to determine the quality of the product:  higher number of cuts, better the product is.

After that, the drying process begins: in 7 seconds, tobacco is subjected to 600ºC, changing from 30% humidity to 13%. Different classes of tobacco are, then, mixed to get the final blend of each brand. In this process, the blends can receive flavourings, responsible for the signature of the brands. 

On the final stage, tobacco gets in cigarette production line: it is rolled in paper that, after it is cutted, gets the filter. The pieces are grouped and inserted in the final package.

The factory can produce 10 thousand cigarettes and assemble 50 packages per minute- the production capacity is 200 million cigarettes per day. In a continuous pace, the whole process, from tobacco to cigarette, takes 3 hours.