Research and innovation

Tobacco Research Center of BAT Brasil is one of the most modern in tobacco industry

BAT Brasil has one of the largest and most modern tobacco research centers, the Product Centre Americas (PC Americas), located in Cachoeirinha (RS). Opened in 2007, the space serves not only the company, but other companies of  BAT group, receiving samples from various countries for analysis.

PC Americas has an industrial pilot plant for making prototypes in response to product development and three laboratories for services that use and develop the most advanced methods of physical and chemical analysis for research on tobacco and related items. The center is also facing innovation and its initiatives in product development, supported by the expertise required in professional and technological resources.

Another role of PC Americas is to perform regulatory analyses determined by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) for the company brands in Brazilian market, as part of the regulatory service process in reports to Anvisa.

On average, the laboratories evaluated about 29,000 samples annually through 170 methodologies. The analytical portfolio of PC-A laboratories is available to companies of BAT.

The company has a high standard of control over its products, which  requires the production of many other samples for internal research operationalized by PC Americas. There is still demand for studies that support innovation for the entire Latin American market.

Laboratories of excellence

PC Americas has the latest technology and high control of its processes. Only analytical services laboratories, for example, have about 600 analytical equipment and peripherals dedicated to analysis of each substance, between tar and nicotine levels of cigarettes produced. The center has accreditation to ISO / IEC 17025 (Laboratory test), the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro). It is a formal recognition of the technical competence of laboratories.