Water reuse

BAT Brasil shows concern for use of water resources in all its operations

Within its efforts to reduce increasingly the impact of their activities on the environment, BAT Brasil has adapted the structure of factories and plants to make better use of the water used both in production and in other operations of industrial plants.

In Uberlândia plant (MG), for example, all water that enters the site is reused. BAT Brasil has built its own treatment plant of wastewater, which has no connection to the municipal sewer.

Part of the treated water is re-used within the plant in various operations, such as the supply of the cooling system supply and washing of floors, among others. The recycling rate in Uberlandia is 100% and all the water not used again in the production process is properly handled and returned to the environment.

BAT Brasil facilities still have gutters that allow the capture and use of all water collected from rainfall.