Sales force

BAT Brasil’s salespeople directly serve approximately 245,000 retailers nationwide

BAT Brasil has a qualified team of salespeople to ensure the supply of about 245 000 retails in which the company's products are sold.

The order cycle begins with weekly or biweekly visits from vendors to retailers, which identify the immediate demands of stock to submit requests. Up to24h, the establishment is supplied with the requested products.

During the visits, salespeople also verify communications and display of BAT Brasil’s products , to ensure they are correct. The merchandising strategy for each point of sale is determined by a system based on the profile of retail purchasing.

About 100 000 retails are served by Interaction Center, responsible for telesales and other services.

Interaction Center also has a diverse service center, which, among other things, assists suppliers and end users, with high level of satisfaction measured every month through research with stakeholders.