Partnership with retail

Relationship with retailers involves training, regulatory issues and even sustainability

The role of the salesperson when contacting the retailer goes far beyond ensuring the supply of BAT Brasil’s products at the point of sale. His assignments achieve regulatory issues, capacity building and sustainability - and often lead to building a strong relationship of trust.

The salesperson carries out various qualification trainings with the retailer and its employees, informing them about various aspects of BAT Brasil’s products. Thus, they become more suitable to meet the end consumers.

The support is also given by  Tax Advisory Services, channel created by BAT Brasil to help the retailer to improve tax management and understand how taxes impact your business.

It is also role of the salesperson to educate the retailer on the need for law enforcement prohibiting the sale of cigarettes to people under 18 years and also of the Minimum Price Law, which establishes a floor on the price of cigarettes to fight smuggling.

In terms of sustainability, the salesperson tries to raise awareness for the reuse of delivery packaging - today, more than 50% are reused.