BAT Brasil is the largest tobacco exporter in Brazil and the leading supplier of companies in BAT Group

BAT Brasil is the largest tobacco exporter in Brazil, having sold 108,000 tons to more than 40 countries during 2015, representing 25% of international industry transactions in the country.

The number is significant because, since 1993, Brazil is the world's leading exporter of tobacco. In 2015, the commodity accounted for 1.4% of all Brazilian exports, totaling US $ 2.19 billion shipped.

To stay on top, the company invests more and more in the quality of its tobacco. It is not aimlessly that it is considered the best in the world, especially the Virginia type.

BAT companies recognize the quality of tobacco produced by BAT Brasil, and its main trading partner in the international market: the company is responsible for supplying 40% of the group's demand worldwide.

Since 1969 in the export business, BAT Brasil trades with other companies only the surplus not acquired by BAT.

Personal Touch

Since 1983, BAT Brasil has a unique brand for its international transactions. The Personal Touch was created to pass on to their customers the exclusivity that are attended to receive the most appropriate tobacco to the needs of its consumers.