Harm Reduction

Develop products that are less harmful is one of the priorities of BAT

Harm reduction means creating new ways of work that search to minimize the health impact risk activities cause without interrupt them. BAT Brasil, as BAT, has as commitment to invest in research and development of alternatives to conventional cigarettes, that offer less risks to adult consumers. 

Many scientific researches pointed out that there is a new category of products with less risk that can benefit all people around the world who are smokers. The Next Generation Products have potential to be an important role in reducing the risk associated to the consumption of cigarettes. BAT was pioneer when it became the first tobacco company to launch a vaporizer in United Kingdom- Vype, in 2013. To know more about Next Generation Products, access:  www.bat.com 

About conventional cigarettes, sold by BAT Brasil throughout the country, there is not a safe version of the product. The only way to avoid the associated risks of smoking is to not smoke.

To produce a potentially less risk cigarette is one of BAT Brasil’s main objectives. The big challenge, however, is to produce new tobacco products that are well accepted by both consumers and health authorities.