BAT Brasil’s communication is oriented to adults over 18 years and follows all regulatory restrictions

BAT Brasil respects and complies with all communication restrictions imposed by law on several fronts, such as warnings on packaging and selling points, limitations of sport and cultural sponsorship and ban on tobacco advertising in all media outlets.

However, the company believes that, in extremely responsible manner, it may take relevant information to adult consumers who are  already aware of the risks associated with tobacco products, so that they have enough information regarding the choice of brands. For BAT Brasil, this is a consumer right: to know the products he/she is acquiring.

All communications made by the company is dedicated for adults who are over 18 years using the channels and forms established and permitted by law. The actions of BAT Brasil follow the International Principles of Marketing of BAT, as well as all other companies in the group. They are:

  • Always inform consumers about the risks associated with smoking;
  • Sell our products only to adult smokers;
  • Do not try to influence consumers' decision on whether smoking or not.