BAT Brasil believes in the potential of each employee and how he/she can make a difference to the business

BAT Brasil has developed throughout its history a solid organizational culture oriented to the development of its employees. The company lives daily with challenges that require it to reinvent itself constantly, which is only possible thanks to the competence and resilience of its professionals.

Bring Your Difference

To further develop its internal culture, BAT Brasil believes in this diversity of its more than 6000 employees. Respect the individuality of each professional is essential for the company to find solutions to its challenges. Therefore, the company is always open to new ideas and innovations that help it to follow the business vanguard.

Based on these values, BAT Brasil works on the concept "Bring Your Difference": each employee, with his particular vision of the business, can and should undertake internally, seeking solutions that generate real impact for the company. When giving opportunity to different cultures, ideas and experiences, BAT Brasil enhances its results. For this reason, it is aware of the importance of offering employees new career opportunities and encourage the development of different skills and abilities.

Corporate values

BAT Brasil follows corporate values to develop its internal culture and achieve its business goals. They are:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Freedom with responsibility
  • Strength from diversity
  • Open mind

Why work with us?

  • We are a winning organization, leader in Brazilian market
  • We are part of the most international tobacco group, with operations in more than 200 countries
  • We are driven by challenges and reinvented in every day
  • We have excellent practices of management of people
  • We are a reference in the training of talents and offer quick and diverse development
  • We value the difference: of people, ideas and ways of doing business #Bringyourdifference
  • We are part of a group that provides numerous career opportunities
  • We are a company that values the ethics and social responsibility