What we offer

BAT Brasil offers solid career development opportunities in seven major areas

BAT Brasil has seven large areas, for which seeks qualified professionals and offers solid possibilities of career development. Learn more about each of them:


It is responsible for the entire tobacco production chain: from improved seeds to the processing of tobacco, and has as pillar the sustainable development of all processes. The area seeks to produce tobacco with increasingly higher quality to meet, at a competitive cost, the demand of the domestic and international markets.


It involves the sectors of Research and Product Development, Purchasing, Planning and Product Manufacturing, distributed in the units located in Cachoeirinha (RS), São Paulo (SP), Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Uberlandia (MG). Departments linked to industrial activities follow patterns and management methodologies adopted by other companies in the British American Tobacco group in the world, with high levels of technology, innovation and intelligence.


It has two major challenges: maintain the competitiveness with the company's competitors and establish a relationship with consumers in conditions of extreme regulatory control. The area manages the portfolio of brands, develops and implements activities directed to consumers and also takes care of the sales and distribution strategy for the more than 244,000 points of sale in Brazil.

Human Resources

It is focused on development of the next generation of leaders. Besides being a reference in terms of attraction, development and retention of talent, the area works to create an engaging culture,
supporting the learning processes of our employees for their teams to be rewarded for high performance.


Its challenge is to bring to each functional area of the company, at all levels, the financial approach that shall help to maximize productivity and profitability. To accomplish this, BAT Brasil seeks professionals commercially intelligent, intellectually curious and totally committed to the business, not just with statistics.

Information Technology (IT)

The practical application of the technology developed and contracted by BAT Brasil is its main objective, being decisive for the company to achieve its strategic objectives. To this end, seeks innovative solutions for all processes in which it is involved, from advice to general IT applications, as well as the consultation on specific technical hardware and software.

Legal and External Affairs

It is formed by three different areas: legal, communications and intelligence in enterprise security. Its goal is consistent with the sustainability of the business, to guide the company in relation to best practices for conducting business within the legal limits; win the trust and credibility of segments involved with the business of BAT Brasil, as government, media, scientific community, consumers, employees and society in general; and seek the best security practices to ensure the protection of employees, physical assets and information of BAT Brasil.