Internship Programme

BAT Brasil invests in training leaders since the university

Many of the employees who occupy strategic positions in BAT Brasil began their history with the company through the Internship Program. The company has a long history of formation of leaders and increasingly invests in actions to transform young talents in valuable professionals, which shall bring sustainability to the future of our business.

BAT Brasil developed and improved over the past years a program for evolution of its interns called STEP. Through this program, the interns participate in virtual shares through an online platform fully ramified and with video interactive lessons. Thus, the intern has the autonomy to manage his development at every stage. In addition to the virtual solution, they have three face meetings in the round table format. These meetings are conducted by mapped employees and aims to generate connection to the organization's values (Entrepreneurial Spirit, Freedom with responsibly, Open Mind and Strength through diversity). Finally, at the end of the internship program, they are also invited to carry out a project to demonstrate their skills in problem solving. We believe that these initiatives, combined with the day-to-day, shall result in a significant professional growth.

Each year, BAT Brasil seeks young students to work in different areas of the company: Tobacco, Industrial, Marketing, Human Resources, Legal and External Affairs, Finance and Information Technology.

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