Tradition and action

For BAT Brasil, sustainability is the priority for ensuring the success of the entire productive chain

BAT Brasil believes that sustainability is the only path towards ensuring the future of the company and of the business’s productive chain. This is how the company views the way it relates, not only to the environment, but also to its stakeholders and society.

For BAT Brasil, the sustainable and responsible future of the business necessarily involves the generation of shared value for its entire productive chain, which must grow in step with the company. This path leads, not only to the economic success of the Company, but also to the overall development of society.

In 2014, the strategy of the BAT Group, followed by Souza Cruz, was redefined and outlined three work fronts, identified by the Test of Materiality:

  • Sustainable agriculture and prosperity in the field: creation of the most appropriate conditions for the approximately 27 thousand integrated producers to prosper together with the company;
  • Corporate conduct: adoption of the highest standards of ethics and transparency in all its activities;
  • Reduction of risks: research and development of alternatives that offer   harm reduction potential compared to conventional cigarettes.

In practice

BAT Brasil has been at the forefront of several initiatives over the past few years to advance the practices of sustainability in the production of tobacco. The Company has been working with its integrated producers to guide them in the diversification of crops, the optimization of the use of natural resources and the adoption of more responsible practices and techniques, among other aspects.

The development of the producers also includes the “family succession” subject. There is, however, a great challenge in this aspect: to align the preparation of the young agricultural worker with the social and technological issues of the modern world. This is the main objective of the BAT Brasil Institute, which, in 15 years, has directly benefitted 2.3 million people from the 27 federative units of the country, by means of 25 projects.

From the environmental point of view, BAT Brasil is taking up the challenge to continuously reduce the impact of its activities. The actions of the Company involve, for example, the adoption of a variety of more sustainable practices in factories, mills and other operations, achieving the neutralization of 83% of its carbon emissions in 2015.

The company also adopts the highest standards of business practice and transparency, both internally, with its employees, as well as in relation to consumers, public authorities and the society in general.