BAT Brasil Institute

Organization has directly benefited 2.3 million people since the year of 2000

The BAT Brasil Institute was founded in July 2000 from the challenge to strengthen and give voice to Brazil’s rural youth. The Ministry of Justice recognizes the entity as a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP).

The main objective of the BAT Brasil Institute is to contribute to a sustainable model of family agriculture, stimulating rural entrepreneurship among field youth. Since 2000, 2.3 million people have been directly benefited by 25 projects developed by the Institute alongside 240 institutional partners.

One of the great challenges of family agriculture, pillar of food production in Brazil, is the business succession. In the last few decades, the problem has worsened: thousands of youth have abandoned rural activities in search of opportunities in the big cities, making the future of the small farms where they lived an uncertain one.

The Institute's projects offer the rural youth concrete alternatives for prosperity in the field, either through the support for technical innovations in tobacco production or the development of new cultures and activities. These are ways to encourage their stay in the field and create new sources of income.

Nowadays, BAT Brasil Institute’s main initiative is the Novos Rurais (New Rurals), a program directed to field schools students. This initiative promotes the promotes training and qualification of young rural entrepreneurs and speeds up new businesses, generating a transformative impact in family agriculture while also making the idea of staying in the field all the more attractive.

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Photo: Fabio Teixeira/Identidades Rurais/Instituto BAT Brasil