Communication with the Producer

Souza Cruz Moment

The Souza Cruz moment is a program of dissemination of spots in radios of the Southern region of the country, which aims at making the producer aware of relevant crop issues. In total, there are 73 radios, which take the information home to all integrated producers. The spots are divided between technicians, with guidance on the time of harvest, and sustainability, which focus on environmental conservation and the rural worker’s occupational health and safety+.

Producer’s Portal

The site is more a communication channel between BAT Brasil and its major partners in the field. The Producer’s Portal aims at bringing content that can assist in better management of the business, therefore, making available content and information about property management, technical information on tobacco, climate forecasts, sales statements and technologies to improve production. In addition, the producer also has the possibility to contact the company through the Contact Us link. Know more: 

Magazine 'The Tobacco Integrated Producer – OPIT’

The Tobacco Integrated Producer (OPIT) Magazine has been published quarterly since 1981. Editions depict success stories in the field of integrated producers and their families. It is also attentive to the care to be taken in tobacco culture and producer’s health and safety, in addition to providing technical contents that enhance the technical assistance of the Agricultural Counselor.