Smart factory

BAT Brasil increasingly invests in the sustainability of its factories

The industrial plants of BAT Brasil have been going through a series of interventions over the past few years in order to meet the company's sustainability standards. Innovations are crucial to ensure that the company's manufacturing processes are clean and efficient.


Since 2017, the Uberlândia Factory has zero landfill waste.

Sewage treatment

The factory has its own sewage treatment plant, unconnected to the municipal network and all waste is destined for recycling processes, reuse and / or compost.
There is a continuous search for new alternatives regarding the reuse of sewage and treated wastewater in units of BAT Brasil.

Water as priority

All the water that comes into the plant stays there: 100% of the sewage is treated, 33% is reused and the remainder is consumed in our industrial processes, as well as a minimal part used for cleaning and maintaining our sewage treatment plant. A rail system also allows the reuse of all water collected.

Clean energy

In 2015, 60% of the energy matrix used by BAT Brasil was renewable. Steam production is the process that demands the most of the factory energy. In this process the only wood used is reforested eucalyptus wood from three farms owned by BAT Brasil.

Increasing efficiency

The Manufacturing Excellence project has maximized the performance of the factory machines, increasing production speed and reducing raw material waste. The plant average efficiency increased by 10% in 2015.