Local development

The future of tobacco productive chain walks hand in hand with the sustainability of the communities in which BAT Brasil is present

BAT Brasil believes that its own success is not only affected by the prosperity of integrated producers and other members of the tobacco supply chain. For the company, the development of the communities where it operates is critical to ensure a prosper and sustainable future for its business model.
Throughout BAT Brasil history there have been several examples of activities that shed light on the company’s centennial trajectory on the social field. In the 1980’s, for example, BAT Brasil engaged in national campaigns for vaccination by delivering vaccines at places of difficult access around the country. In the 1990’s, it took part in educational activities seeking to fight AIDS epidemic with the “Frente a Frente com a AIDS” (Face to face with AIDS).

Environmental parks

BAT Brasil encourages environmental awareness and education of local communities through the preservation and restoration of biodiversity in its three environmental parks, located in Santa Cruz do Sul (RS) Cachoeirinha (RS) and Uberlandia (MG).