Types of tobacco

Variety of tobacco of BAT Brasil meets its own demand and also foreign markets

BAT Brasil produces different types of tobacco to meet the specific demands of their products and also the foreign market - the company is the largest exporter of tobacco in Brazil.

Each type requires cultivation characteristics and very specific cure, for achieving the best possible quality in the leaves that shall be processed in the plants of BAT Brasil.


The best tobacco of the world of Virginia type is produced by BAT Brasil. This variety is present in the company's best products. Its drying process takes four to five days in a greenhouse with rigid temperature and humidity control. The Virginia Tobacco color varies from bright yellow to orange and mahogany tones.


Tobacco Burley type undergoes a slower drying process, done in natural conditions: the leaves are hung upside down for about 40 days until they are ready to be sent to production. Its color can range from light brown to dark brown.


Follows the same drying process of Burley type - its varieties of shades are also similar. The Common tobacco leaves have a kind of gum which make them suitable for the fermentation process desired by some specific markets.


After going through a drying process in natural conditions, tobacco of Dark type wins shades of darker brown. Besides color, its big difference to the other varieties is the percentage of nicotine in its leaves: on average, has 3.5%, the highest among the types grown in Brazil.


Unlike the others, tobacco of Maryland type has thinner profile sheets. Its drying process is also longer, made under natural conditions. At the end of this step, tobacco acquires brown color which can vary from lighter to darker shades.