Sustainable Development

BAT Brasil shares its values with its partners and with the community to ensure an increasingly strong tobacco chain. Therefore, it has committed itself by the Public Ministry of Labor (MPT) and the Ministry of the Environment (MMA) in the implementation of measures for the protection of children and adolescents, promoting health and safety and sustainable development practices, such as maintenance, restoration of deforested areas and fight deforestation.

Terms and Agreements

1. Public Ministry of Labor

Signed with the MPT of RS in 2008 and in 2011 in Brasília/DF, for the states of Paraná and Santa Catarina, the term affirms the commitment of the company with the following issues:

  • Enrollment and School Attendance: 100% monitoring of enrolment and school attendance of all children under age who reside in the property and that are linked to the integrated producers. The enrollment certificate is a prerequisite for the realization of the commercial integration contract between the Company and the integrated producers.
  • Children and Adolescents Labor: implementation of measures for protection of children and adolescents, in addition to the registration of irregularities, noted during the technical guidance, and communication to the competent entities seeking their regulation.
  • PPE / Clothing for Handling Wet Green Tobacco: provision of individual protection equipment for application of pesticides and clothing for handling wet green tobacco at factory prices.
  • Agrochemicals: correct storage of agrochemicals in the property aiming at the integrated producer’s health and safety and environment protection and signposting treated areas, according to the rules of NR31.

2. IBAMA and Ministry for the Environment

Signed in August 2011, the technical cooperation agreement and the term of commitment with the MMA and IBAMA, where the main objective is the practice of sustainable development and conservation actions and fighting deforestation, such as:

  • Do not purchase tobacco from illegally deforested areas as well as tobacco processed in greenhouses by using wood from illegal sources.
  • Instruct the producers, through agricultural counselors, to meet with Brazilian environmental legislation, especially with regard to the use and protection of native vegetation of the Atlantic forest biome.
  • Produce guidance booklets with content drawn up jointly with Sinditabaco, Ibama, MMA and Afubra, dealing with handling of sustainable rural land and respect to the environment to be delivered to 100% of the company’s integrated producers.

Training and Qualification

Souza Cruz, through its frontline vision, is concerned with the development of Integrated Producers, Agricultural Advisors, Research Technicians and Carriers. Thus, the Company seeks partnerships with entities such as Senar, Sest/Senat, which are known to be able to provide training, aimed at promoting the quality of life through training in management and planning of the activities, integration in society and protection to health and safety.