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Sustaining its centenary innovation tradition, BAT Brasil has developed the “Be a Supplier” program with the intent to open its doors to disruptive solutions and business partnerships opportunities that defy, constantly, its operational structure.


Companies and startups that are able to and willing to develop innovative, sustainable and disruptive solutions, complying with values that incite entrepreneurship, open minded spirit, strength through diversity and responsible freedom. Besides all that, we are a compliant company, that is proud to have in its DNA ethics and an anti-corruption agenda. All of our expectations are described in our conduct codes, available here.


It is simple! Just confirm your registration by filling the form available here . As soon as it is submitted, we will evaluate the synergy between the described case and BAT Brasil’s compelling business needs. Selected companies will be formally invited to take part on this journey, being presented with the opportunity to pitch its cases to BAT Brasil on a monthly basis, during face-to-face events in São Paulo. All registered companies will be added to a internal database for future consultations.

What are you waiting for? Bring your difference!

In case of doubts about our ethical behavior in the work environment, BAT Brasil´s policies and procedures, conflict of interests situations,  suggestions or any other report, seek guidance from the Speak up by calling 0800 601 8650 or entering the website:

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